This page describes the RuneScape 718 Protocol (Work In Progress)


The Operation Codes of the 718 Protocol are:

OPCode length/setup Details Description
8, 58 3 (uShort, uByte, uShort) x-position, forceRun, y-position walking packet or mini-walking packet (someone could explain this further)
-1 N/A N/A this means the client is afk (away from keyboard)
14, 67, 5, 55, 68, 90, 6, 32, 27, 96 3 (int, uShort, uShortLE) interface hash, slotId 2, slotId Actionbutton 1-10
38 1 (int) coordinate hash (split up into x, y, plane) Worldmap click (presumably minimap)
33 1 (int) interface packets Receive packet count

TODO: convert length numbers in table to actual byte length

byte length reference table

type length
integer 4 bytes
short 2 bytes

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