Lots of players!

You might be wondering why your players are disrespecting you. Let's face it, most server owners are below the age of 15. Now, we can't blame these server owners for being low quality administers, because this is a gaming community, RSPS communities are not taken seriously, and therefore lose players and cry.

So, to begin here are a couple ways we are going to be demonstarting how you can keep your players, and veteran players happy and glad to be apart of your server, and be able to recognize so.

Lose the tough guy attitudeEdit

The reason most servers lose their players is because the owners do not respect players. It is critical to give your players a sense of importance. It doesn't matter if this is a gaming community, there are people on the other side of the computer that love to be respected. Give respect, get respect.


Communication sparks friendliness. Same goes with the first rule, you need to learn that your players depend on you as the server owner to reply to their needs and help them get to the stage that they are solo and don't need help further. Note that the whole "Can you help me?" stage will fade, as your server gains popularity players will ask others for help instead of always coming to leaders.

Be ActiveEdit

Plan on being the most active person on your server. This is imperative! Your server is like a puppy. If you neglect it, never play with it, push it off to the side it will begin to become sad, and will end up hating you. When you make a server you should already commit to giving it it's undivided attention.

Hiring responsible staffEdit

Hire staff that actually has a clue on what they are doing. It is better to have no staff rather than an abusive childish team. Your staff members reflect your server, so choose wisely!