This page can be referred to while writing your wiki articles. Please try and follow the below guidelines!

General Guidelines Edit

  • Be clear - The user may have limited knowledge on programming or RSPS in general. Make sure you are concise and link them to appropriate material if necessary.
  • Keep it on topic - Don't start talking about your own experiences or how cool people liked it when you added it! :-)
  • Keep it simple stupid (KISS) - We like your fancy English words, but tone it down because others may not know their meanings.
  • Proper spelling and grammar - This is a plus and we won't be having people writing content if they can't take what they learned in class and apply it.
  • Abbreviations are allowed - However be sure to fully spell it out the very first time you use it.

Alternative Words Edit

Some words can be confusing in the context they are read from, try and refrain from the following words for clarity.

Word - Alternative
Get - Download

Resources Edit

Wiki Formatting code: