MrExiled  is a RuneScape Private Server developer who provides very cheap (mainly free) services for most RSPS.

MrExiled was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA) and is 19 years old as of january 10th 2016,

He uses the Java Programming Langauge to do these type services and is really the nicest person you could meet for these type of things. You can see for your self anytime by messaging him on a popular rsps forum called "Rune-Server".

MrExiled has been into java since he was little but recently got into rsps (around 2 years ago) but he is also very knowledgable when it comes to rsps and many different subjects in general, The greatest work any of us has seen of him is probably his custom skills and maybe the bandos throne room release(which is simple but never released) along with his current project the one-in-all cache editor "Exiled-CacheEditor"

many including my self expect great things from this guy but who knows where this will take him.