Nital is an effort to provide a well documented, powerful, scalable, and robust RuneScape server framework delivered open-source to all users.


  • Well designed architecture
  • Fast networking implementation (using the jBoss Netty API)
  • Thread-safe entity encapsulation
  • Simple entity representation
  • Visibly clear implementations of activator components


  • Restrictions to developers, without modification of the core code. For instance, when retrieving a world load result, attachment naming is critical, and multiple attachments may be associated with the same key, yet element grabbing only retrieves the first associated value.


  • Thomas Nappo for critical mainstream development of the framework, along with engineering and all testing.
  • Graham Edgecombe for ideas which were implemented in different ways (such as the entity list collection) and utilities, along with design pattern ideas.
  • Steven Galarza for technical knowledge which was provided at request.
  • light232 for advice and ingenious design patterns and architecture.


Get Nital (b-alpha0.5)
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