RS2HD 508


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NOTE: create a folder in data called 'savedGames' and a folder called 'packages' in the root for all features to work correctly!


RS2HD is an open source, stable, secure, fast 508 framework, although a 525, 562, and 569 version exist. It is based on the MINA API for networking and XStream/XPP for parsing XML configuration files/player saves.

The design is heavily based around the rs2d design however much of the code has been written from scratch, only a few things are borrowed from varek's original source (e.g. the StaticPacketBuilder). The server should stand up very well to any DOS attacks and should efficiently be able to process hundreds of players on a decent setup. The actual code follows conventions very well, and I have commented it (and javadocced) it in most places.

The features are probably around equivalent to Paladino76's 508 non-NIO base, with a few extras here and there (like dual HD/non HD support). It also has some unique ideas not present in other servers, e.g. a CoordinateEvent system: only used for walking to an item and then picking it up at the moment - however, it can easily be adapted for other uses. It contains an event system (much easier to use than all the others this time!) and it is encouraged to use it for your own servers and make further releases of it.

This server is perfect if you want a stable server, or want to start from scratch developing your 508. It'd also be fairly easy to port it to another version, all of the packet stuff is handled in the codecs, ActionSender and PacketHandlers - all which are designed to be replaced very easily.

There is a complete list of features below.


  • 'Update' server.
  • Login.
  • Binary mapdata loading (and automatic packing if the file does not exist).
  • Player updating - map region loading, walking, running, multiplayer.
  • NPCs - updating, loading definitions + spawns.
  • Command handling.
  • Chatting.
  • Skills.
  • Items - inventory and equipping.
  • Level up interfaces.
  • Skill menus.
  • Emotes and skill cape support.
  • Friends, ignores, PMing.
  • Loading + saving player games (xml).
  • Dual HD and non-HD login: (almost) fully working.
  • Examining items/NPCs.
  • Commands can be typed into the server console (command window).
  • Banking (as far as Pali got it).
  • Event system.
  • Energy.
  • Floor item management.
  • CoordinateEvent system.
  • Bugfixes
  • (Almost) fully functioning shops
  • Shops features tabs and load the prices from Grand Exchange, probably not done correctly and improvement is needed in some places.
  • Start on combat. (in 508 version. 562+ has full combat)