An image from a notable RSPS named 2speced.

Definition Edit

Runescape Private ServersEdit

For all those who are new to this topic, a Runescape Private Server is a server that is not owned by Jagex, but by someone else; and that can be completely modified by the owner.

For you to understand better what a private server is, think of Runescape except modified in a way that makes it unique. A private server is like a separate "World", that you cannot enter with your normal Runescape account, and is completely different from the Official game.

How to make your own Private ServerEdit

It is quite easy! Check out resources on Rune-Server to learn how to make your own private server.

There are different kinds of servers classified by their client version, also known as a revision:

How to find a RuneScape Private Server Edit

You can find RuneScape Private Servers to play by checking reputable RuneScape Private Server community lists such as GamesTop100 , DKPminus, or RSPS-Page. Generally, the top results on these lists will be safe to play.


A private server can be made to fit any revision as long as the cache and client are present. Often times, such as with revisions 562 and 718, information will get released within a source and numerous renditions will follow. Although there are many more frameworks that cover a larger amount of revisions, here are the most commonly used. Most of these revisions are not currently being used for servers any more.

317 (Widely regarded as the oldest revision for RSPS, excluding Classic. Many different frameworks have been released for this revision)




525 (Common RS2HD revision)

530 (RuneX for example)

562 (Was the main revision for a lot of servers at the time. Typically RS2HD, RuneEscape or Hyperion frameworks)

602/604 (Not used very much for servers, other than loading some models. A couple Hyperion frameworks were updated to these revisions and released)

614 (Saw the introduction of Dungeoneering. Few servers at the time were loading this revision. Namely CorruptionX and a framework from Hoyute)

314 (A hybrid revision [317 loading 602/614] is still called 317 but is not!)

667 (Common RuneEscape revision)

718 (Common revision for 2012 RSPS)


742 (Common for 742- servers to load some cache definitions from this revision. Some pure 742s have been released, most on new frameworks)

751 (Introduction of the Evolution of Combat)

788 (Introduction of RuneScape 3 and the 'New Interface System' [NIS]).


830 (Common revision for RS3 RSPS)

849 (Catanai for example)

870 (Kagani for example)

876 (Matrix 876 converted by _jordan for example)

887 (Gielinorian for example by Melvin)

Legal IssuesEdit

RuneScape Private Servers fall between a grey area in terms of whether they are legal or not. While the use of the servers may violate EULA and copyright laws, the actual use of the content of a game using official clients which connect to servers developed and re-imagined by developers is not necessarily protected under the law.

Companies such as Jagex and Blizzard have shut down servers in the past which have led to civil lawsuits to the server owners.

Operate and play private servers at your own risk. Playing private servers yields almost no danger, hosting private servers may be cause for legal concerns.